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I have an AVM and high blood flow aneurism in my occipital lobe

Thank you for the information. I go back in March for my first MRI since Gamma Knife. Do all neurosurgeons wait 6 months after, before they see you?

My neurosurgeon recommended I get an MRI beginning at 6 months and every 6 months thereafter. However, there was not much change at either 6 months or 1 year so my interventional radiologist said once a year is ok. At 2 years there was some but not much change. Again, at 3 years, mine was 90% gone.

I was one year for my first MRI, two years for my second MRI and then an angio a few months after that. After the angio was the first time I saw the neuro surgeon post gamma knife. I was fortunate to shake his hand, thank him and tell him I hope to never see him again! He got a good chuckle out of my short speech! Take Care, John.

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Thank you for the information. I will update in March when I have my first MRI. I’m glad yours is 90% gone.

Well I’m glad you finally got to see him, and shake his hand, I hope your doing good now. I see my neurosurgeon after my MRI on March 13th. We’ll see if anything has changed.

Hi Linda,
I too had gamma knife. My head pain lasted about 9 months constantly every day then went away but now it has come back again 10 months later! It’s scarey because you worry it might develop into something more serious but thankfully it never has. I think it’s just bursts of pain as more of the AVM goes . I hope your pain goes soon. I think I cause a lot more symptoms just from worry and stress so try not to worry if you can. Gillx

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Thank you! I’m glad you shared, hopefully mine will stop soon. I’m not giving up hope that it will go away. March will be the six month mark so we’ll see if anything has changed.

Good luck, let us know. 30% of mine had gone at 6 months so maybe the pains a good thing as maybe it shows its working! X

I hope that’s true about the pain.

Thank you. I have been having issues so haven’t been on here as much. So much weakness and numbness. I hope your right about it being gone.

Hi Linda, have you spoken to the gamma knife people or doctor about your symptoms as maybe you could have an MRI ASAP just to be on the safe side. I know I did when ever I was concerned. I hope you’re OK. It’s a long hard wait isn’t it. I’ve been waiting nearly 2 years and it’s not easy. X

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I am waiting to go on March 13, having another MRI and seeing my neurosurgeon Dr. Fraiser at UK in Lexington. It is a long wait. I just figured my symptoms seem to be what a lot of other people on here have, so I am waiting to see what they say. Thank you! I hope all is well with you.

Hi Linda, I’m pleased you’re getting checked out, it’s best to make sure you’re OK. Let us know how you get on. Was your gamma knife to treat your AVM and your aneurism? X

Yes it was to treat them both, if it works. If not, he said brain surgery in 3 years. So hopefully it works. I will update after my March appointment. Thank you very much for asking.

Yes please do and I’m sure it will work. X

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I believe it will too. Thank you

I went yesterday for my 6 month check up. He said my AVM has shrunk a little, and I have some brain swelling around the site. He said he won’t treat the swelling, but look out for worse headaches and nausea. Call immediately. Angiogram soon and it will show more. Does that sound promising?


It sounds ok to me! We know that at the six month mark, things start to shuffle around a bit, so it sounds like the doc is not surprised by a bit of swelling going on and not alarmed, which is good. I agree with him that if you get more worrisome symptoms to treat them with concern and act promptly.

Meanwhile, relax, the zapping is doing a bit of work and every day that goes forwards, hopefully you’re a tiny bit more healthy / lower risk than you were yesterday.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Linda, I’m glad to hear you’re OK and some of the AVM has gone, that’s great news. I hope the angiogram goes OK and the swelling goes down. keep us updated. Take care. Gill.

Thank you! He said shrunk a little, that’s hope. Not obliterated yet but there’s hope.

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