I had bad few days

so it all started last week i think or something like that and i was on my laptop talking to my boyfriend and i got a really painful sharp pain on the left side of my head the pain was inside my head and it didn't go away so i took something for the pain but the pain kept on coming back the pill would ony help for so many hours then the pain would come back the pain was soo bad i was cry sometimes i almost went to the ER but i didn't so earlier today when i woke up the pain was gone but i didn't feel good i felt like i was going to fall down i felt like i was moving but i was not moving so i was like that for most of the day but as the the night was rolling in i started to feel better i feel my self and im doing ok now i was scared when that was happening so my doctor want's me to get a MRi done on my head so im going to have that done and i hope everything is ok.

I hope every thing is okay, too, Celina. Did you get approval for the pain medication from your neuro? Some pain medications can raise bleeding risk. Please keep us updated after your scans.

thanks dancermom i sure will keep u guys updated with my scans.

How are you, Celina?

im doing ok thanks how are u?