I had a bit of a scare yesterday!

As most of you know, I get weakness of my left arm and numbing of`my left hand and and left side of face (which causes embarrassing drooling), all thanks to my right parietal AVM. Well, yesterday my husband drove us us almost five hours down to Wildwood, NJ for a beach vacation and for some reason, I was the one who got tired!

I took a nap and when I woke up four hours later, had a terrible pain over my left eyeball, my RIGHT hand was numb,and I was terribly nauseous! I had a hard time getting out of the bed, but I finally did and made it downstairs to my husband.

Since he gets so scared, I played things down a little. I said that I needed a pain pill for a headache and that I was a little nauseous. Mike said the last part was probably from not eating and made me eat a sandwich. I ate half, but started to feel queezy again.

By this time, my right hand was better and the pain pill was starting to kick in, so I went to lay down again. I awoke a few times with a bad headache, but just turned over and went back to sleep. I awoke for good 1:05 a.m. I still have a headache, but one that is normal for me.

Does it sound like I might have had a small bleed?

Love, Connie aka Nervous in New Jersey

Connie, it’s definitely something you should talk to your doctor about. You have to call right away! It may have been nothing, but it’s better to have it checked out. Hope all is well, please let us know!

Hi Connie,Im not sure if that was a bleed,pleaseeeeeeeee,call your doctor soon,ok,a few months back,something like that happened to me,i has pain in my right eye for almost a week and almost felt like the lip was going to fall the day before i got sick plus numbness on the face,

ok lets try this again…lol…it posted before i was done,sorry,hehe,anyway connie, what I was saying,I had pain in my head ,very sharp pain that was followed by a sickness in my stomach and almost a hard time breathing, I even lost a few minutes where I was not able to talk to anyone,The doctor said it was a form of seizure ,(the reason for not talking)…the other was a small stroke TIA well thats what they think now, please call doctor ok,does not hurt to get a small check up ok,talk soon :slight_smile: xxoo

Dear Connie I don´t think you had a bleed because people say the headache would not desapear with medicines. Get in touch with you doctor as soon as possible just to clear things out. Lots of love.

Please call the doctor!!!

Are you feeling okay now? Please drink a lot of water (it helps my headache…) and staying touch with your doctor very closely.
Please update your feeling…

How frightening, Connie. I am really hoping you call the doctor and find out. I agree with Caroline that it could be a focal seizure or a TIA. But my son is having focal seizures and there is no headache until afterwards so that concerns me. If is was a focal seizure they may need to increase you seizure meds so it is important to call the doctor as much as you might not want to do that. I’m sorry you are scared. It is all so overwhelming, isn’t it?

you need to talk to a doctor asap it could have been a siezure or anything…please get it looked at and let us know…hope you are feeling better xxx