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I got approved for disability!


I’m ecstatic!!! A rainbow after this horrible storm


OH WOW!!! Lucky you.
I had a hell of a battle to get approved, but its such a relief when it finally does occur. It’s one less thing to be stressing about, now you can focus more on health rather than the financial for a bit.



I’m so sorry you had to go through that ): All my doctors got in touch and put in a good word for me; I think that’s what helped :slight_smile:


There’s nothing for you to be sorry about, it’s govt policy that’s an issue. The paperwork I needed to complete requested a list of neuro’s I had seen. One particular neuro wanted a $1500 cash payment to write a report, which I declined to pay for, so when the govt assessor called him he declined to support the application. Luckily for me I also had an insurance claim, I thought this too would be rejected. The insurer sent a professor of neurology from interstate and very much to my surprise he supported my claim. I then obtained a copy of his report and used that to claim disability, which was then accepted. PHEW.



You got so lucky!And I hate drs that are only in it for the money >:(


My son has had no surgery due to the location and size of the avm. his neurologist said he would have to be suffering from several seizures a week to get on disability in Florida. Any advice would be appreciated and congratulations to you for getting disability. You deserve it.


I had been told to apply when I got first diagnosed but I waited until my 2nd rupture when I felt literally disabled just out of fear that I’d get rejected. So now I wish I had applied earlier so I say go for it! Just make sure all his drs are onboard. Even get ears and eyes checked (it sounds silly but even if there’s a little blindness or deafness it helps your case) I didn’t know I was legally blind on my left eye until I got my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist. But the fact that all my drs sent everything in and were on the same page and knew my condition when I got diagnosed and after my ruptures got me immediately approved. Plus I kept pestering my case worker lol! But he was such a sweetheart he knew I needed my disability since I have a toddler and Im a young mom