I got a strange gift for christmas

My daughters got me medical alert bracelet!! When I went to the emergency room the nurse asked ware is you medical bracelet ? IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE . They may think you were on drugs or something;and not treat you right or fast enough. … This is something I neaver would have thought of !!!

hey Pauline, I’ve had one my entire life. There is a post in the forum discussing who has them and if they are needed. I’ve used it only once during an ambulance ride to the hospital for a dog bite and it very much helped the ENT’s to know to leave me alone and have someone ready when we got there. I hated it as a kid, but now would feel naked and vulnerable without it!
So did the girls get you one of the “fashion” kind or just the silver standard?

Great thoughtful idea. I think this is a really really important thing to have. And I have asked paramedics and they say they DO check for them which made me feel better.

hey pauline, what a great daughter u have, thoughtful. well i guess u know that already.
how are your puppies, what are their names? have u had them long? i used to have 5 fish that went down to 1 and he passed, and i had a rainbow lorikeet too, she passed 2 days after i got out of hospital, i think she died of a broken heart, she missed me.

sorry i sent that messsage incomplete cos i started crying, i still miss her. her name was lolita. she called me mummy. i hope you are well.

xxx margaret

Hi, Pauline. What a considerate daughter you have…it’s the perfect gift to show how much she loves you and wants to keep you safe!

Excellent gift Pauline!!! I have had one since I was twelve when penicillin became my enemy and almost killed me. Your post reminded me that I lost my last one and have not gotten replacement so, Thank You for reminding me !!

its a good idea, i keep saying i’m gonna get one then forget :frowning:

I have one though I don’t wear it anymore. Mine is a dog tag I used to wear around my neck.

I hope yours is more fashionable.

Dog tag - as in military style dog tags.

Pauline,I think that is a great gift,I told my husband Im thinking about getting one for myself,your daughter thinks the world of you!! Caroline:)

Who knows whare I can get some "PRETTY ONES "