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I got a job


I just got offered a full time job!! Full recovery I would say.


Great to hear, conrgats! All the best in the new occupation! Take Care, John.


That is great news Cookster and hope it all works out for you… God bless!


God played an integral part in my full yes full recovery


Glad to hear about Full recoveries!


Cogratulations! That Certainly sounds like full recovery to me.


It’s taken eight years but I have my life back. I’d be pleased to help everyone


Have you managed to get a job that you feel is great or is it “just a job”: getting back into employment being the more important part? It doesn’t matter in some ways. I’m just hoping good things for you! Well done!


It’s helping out at my favorite store Home Depot Tewksbury. Visit me


Its quite a distance to Tewkesbury, never mind Tewksbury MA! I’ve been to Boston MA once before. Next time I come, I’ll ask after you :slightly_smiling_face:

When I come to America, there are people I fancy visiting all over, to be honest. This is a great community.

If you’re in your favourite store, that’s great.

Very best wishes always,



Well done! 8 years? Talk about persistence. I hope this is just another step on the path of constant improvement:)


Me too fellow survivor! Me too. Onward and upwards


Beautiful sentence


It’s refreshing to meet another survivor who really “gets it”. I’m going to use that phrase in my book with your permission please?


I saw my brain surgeon today. He agreed!!!