I finally made a decision

Hey guys,

It’s been awhile since I last posted anythig but I just wanted everyone to know that I made a decision…this has been such a hard time for me but i finally met with docs that im comfortable with. My plans are to start tx in feb of 2012…meaning two rounds of embolozation and 1 last embo and removal of avm sometime in March. I don’t have any set dates as of yet.But Im super nervous about it although it’s not until feb…a time goes by quickly it will be here by the time i know it.

Please anyone give me some insight in what to expect starting with embo an then actual surgery

I am so glad you found someone you trust! Just think how wonderful it will be to write the word obliterated on your profile page. Please keep us informed!

Nany, although it’s hard, you’ve been strong enough to make your decision. Stay strong and Keep the Faith!

As you know, one of the hardest things in this AVM journey is to make a decision about what to do about it. But it sounds like you did that so Kudos to you! Also, I’m very glad to hear that you found a doctor that you’re comfortable with. It’s normal to be nervous but like Louisa said you were strong enough to make the hard decisions so try not to be nervous about the procedure in February (I know easier said than done). If it’s in any way comforting, please know that they have made a lot of advances in AVM treatment and just looking at the comments on this site the trend seems to be increasing. Best of luck to you in February and know we’ll always be on your side. Like Barbara said, please let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. My aniexty is so high right now. Just feel like im on edge all the time. Any tips on how to let some of this go?
My work gives me great joy but it seems like thats not enough anymore...i feel like what im going through over rides everything

Hi Nayleen. Well it is silly but I used to talk to my AVM. I gave it a nasty name and told it that its days were numbered and I was going to hand it an eviction notice. I felt like I had some measure of control over the situation that way! Have faith. I am sending more positive thoughts your way!