I feel crazy

i just sat down and started to cry...i was thinking about my avm journey sometimes i dont give myself enough credit on how much i went through...i couldnt stop crying im not sure if tears of happiness that i made it or am i finally letting things soak in and finally just allowing myself to accept everything....its such a weird feeling. Has anyone gone through this? is it normal? is it a feeling of relief..i dunno
I have the urge to tell everyone i know about my experience but not sure if i should....its alot to explain..am i ready to share?

Sometimes a good cry is exactly what you need!

I feel crazy ALL THE TIME now. It's probably the "new" normal. I believe they rewired my brain and sometimes I tell people that, but then they don't really understand me, so... I don't know. Give yourself credit, say to yourself that you are worth it all and that it's okay to cry. I try not to tell people about it, because it's a long story and it's heavy and people really don't know how to react, but then I find myself spilling the beans and telling people before I can even think about it. Hang in there and just let yourself feel however you feel.

i cry everyday an i am still going thro this avm thing an i feel crazy all the time too but i fel like after i cry its a bit of releaf i say tell all get it out makes me feel better talking about it....

You cry girl, We'll be crying with you!
It's good for you, l
Let it out jump about scream and shout.
Do you write? Diarys are kind of handy and helpful.


I think it's completely normal Nay. For me it happened about a month after I got of the hospital. I must have cried for 2 hours. As far as telling people. I'll tell anybody that asks. I tell anyone that I think needs to know, like my daughter's teachers and their soccer coaches, although I don't go in to great detail with them. I think it's important for them to know because even though my daughter's are amazing, even after all this time they can still freak out about me. I wish I could shout it from the rooftopos sometimes...After all, what we've been through and what many here are still going through makes us pretty darn incredible, I think! We're the hidden rock stars of the world!

Yay!Well said Trish.

Rock on dudes and dudettes!

Let it out...you deserve it after all you have been through.

Hi Nay-I think that it’s totally normal to let some old “junk” go…that’s what the tears help you to do…to make room for the better stuff.

We’ve all been there in some form.

Cry if you want to Nay:-). You have been through a lot and it seems like you are doing well (read your most recent blog). Glad your friends and family are there for you since this is a very important part of recovery. I would only tell those individuals who "need to know" about your AVM. Otherwise, it doesn't seem like its anyone's business. To me, you seem like one normal girl:-)

thanks everyone :) so grateful for this group..one day at a time....crying does make me feel a little better as for writing i used to at one point maybe i should start again.

Please start again…I miss your posts!

I will Barbara :) feels good to know that im not alone and that ppl on this truly care and remember my journey

I’m with Barbara. Would love to see you start writing again Nay. As you know, writing is a great way to express your feelings too:)