I extend the time of angiogram,

Hello Everyone in this room,

since i diagnose with big size AVM in 2004 i have had 2 times Embolize
and still same left, after embo i feel better than before specially the neck stifness and weakness , but the head ache still i have and same times its worse than before, when i inform all this to my Doc he decide to have me control [Angiogram) and when i ask him about the risk he said
´yes` there is a few risk of complication or bleeding,
so, i decide to extend it.
and thanks to God i have better feeling now of the headache.

The avm couse me visual problem and also i have dry eye, but now when i start the eye drop i feel better the headache and i can use computer . usually when i use computer its couse me headache.

-any one have similar problem share us,

Thanks all,

Hi Michael,

It could be a good idea to get a second opinion from another doctor. He can look at your medical records and scans and help you decide whether another angiogram is worth the risk. Maybe you can have an MRI first? MRIs have no known risks.

As you decide, please remember that an AVM can cause a lot of damage, if it bleeds or if it grows and "steals" blood from the rest of your brain. The risk of complications from the angiogram is probably lower, especially if you're an otherwise healthy person. So if there is still a part of the AVM left, you will probably be safest if you have the angiogram to find it and treat it.

There could be many other causes of the headaches, but it does seem wise to check the AVM if the doctor recommends that.