I emailed a surgeon, inviting him here

I just sent an email to the top neurosurgeon at Maryland University Hospital. Who specialises in gamma knife and treating avms. Inviting him to come here. Now, we’ll see.

Lets hope he appears here Ben

I failed to mention… I explained to him that we are all avm survivors and that there are over 2,000 members here. I think that it would in his interest to check the site out.

Ben, I hope he agrees!

Great idea, Ben!

I'd also encourage you to invite the NS Residents who will one day fill the shoes of our present GREAT Neurosurgeons. :)


Rebecca, I know what you mean. I wouldn’t expect him to join. But, if he would, he could use a different name and not his doctor title. At least thats how would do it…join ingognito. :slight_smile:

I hope he’s a good guy and just checks this site out, neurologists need to research site’s like this anyway because they can learn more about the patient’s there treating and not an average that a text book, or packet, or science book says. They can learn from real life people who have this and have went through this whole process. What side effect’s they may have, what may occur, because they can tell us more about what to expect. Like my neurologist just handed me a 2 page packet about A.V.M.'s and sent me on my way, and he seemed like he didn’t know to much about it either. Just some technical stuff i think he learned in a book or something. But i think that’s a great idea Ben!!! Thanks for trying Ben!

Thank you everyone for your responses.

I'm still racking my brain and trying to figure out how to help educate the medical profesion about avms. I know many of us here, have had our share of "under educated doctors" (I'm trying to be nice - LOL) when it comes to our illness.

GREAT job… very admirable, Ben!!!

Hi all, I am a newbie. I just found yall’s site. Geesh wish yall would have been around when I went thru the nightmare of an AVM. I do not know where to post my history/story. I am not the one with the AVM, my son. Son’s AVM was discovered 17yrs ago.