I don't know what to do

hi everyone I am needing some advice on what to do . I have recently seen another vascular surgeon who has recommended me to an intervention radiologist who he thinks can put some embolisation coils inside my non brain avm . I am in two minds about doing this because I have been down this road before quiet a few times with every new dr saying that they are the ones who can help me .
I have already had 1 coul put in which hasn’t made any difference . So my question is to wether go for it or not .
I know I’m the only one who can make this decision but I would really like to know other people’s experience with coils ? And has it made a huge difference to there avm ?

Have you done a search on this site or on Facebook for people that have had coils in a non brain avm? I wish you the best with whatever you decide upon. Many hugs.

No I haven’t done a search but I will have a look . I think I’m just trying to decide wether the change would be significant. Thank you both for the replies :slight_smile:

Do what you feel in your heart dear Lis. You are so special and have been through so much, that no one could possibly know what choice you should make. Just know that we do care about you, and want you to be happy with whatever decision you make. Lotsa love and hugs, dear little sister.

Hello Lis:
I am sorry to hear previous coil did not help. I am currently still being looked at on what to do about my anuerysm and coiling and clipping have been discussed. I have an angiogram scheduled for Aug. 25th and have been told there may be a chance that coiling could be done if possible at the same time should it be warranted or feasible. I was wondering if you knew what kind of coil they used or if there is a standard coil these days. I hope your gets resolved and without knowing much about these conditions as a newby...I would try another coil or anything else less invasive . I wish you the best

Hi Houston , thanks for writing I hope everything goes well for you .
I really have not been told what type of coils they will use . My doctors has just organised me to go and have this procedure done . i have had a lot of sclerosing done in the past but it has been unsuccessful.
I think I might make contact with the person who wants to perform this procedure and find out what he is thinking himself .
Please let us all know how you go on the 25th
Cheers Lis