I dont get it!

I had an MRI a couple weeks ago when they found my AVM. A week later I had a CT scan.They found nothing.I dont get it.I’m so confused.Is this common?

Sofie, did they use contrast with the CT?

Yes. I go in for a cat angiogram on Monday. So we shall see

MRIs and CTs have serves the same basic purpose… Take images of your insides. Beyond that, however, the two machines are different beasts. If I understand correctly, CTs can be run based on tissue density ad can be enhanced by contrasting dye. MRIs, on the other hand, use magnetic fields to actually change the alignment of tissue at the molecular level, which allows for significantly finer image resolution and compatible with a broader range of tissue density (say, fluid vs. organ, vs. bone, etc.)

When I had my first ct scan it didn’t show the aneurysm that was a part of the AVM but the MRI did. I think the MRI is a more in-depth view of tissues. I believe it takes the pictures in layers like a loaf of sliced bread (if that makes sense). I hope they find nothing on monday but at the same time it would be nice to know why you are experiencing the tingling in your face. I also experience the tingling but my neurologist said it was unrelated to the avm since i was experiencing it on the same side as the avm.(i seriously think the two were related but then again what do i know)
Good luck sofie let us know