I day away and I am off to remove this monster in my head!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, it has really helped me through this like you would not believe and can’t even describe how blessed I feel to know everyone here. I keep my prayers up for every one of you too and wish that one day this AVM problem will be something you can find and treat early without having to go through what we are all going through now. I will blog my experience at the hospital and let you all know how it went when I am able to use my computer again. I am a bit nervous today thinking of it, but all the love and support has made me even stronger, so I can say OK AVM you little monster, BRING IT ON, I am soo ready to kick your butt now and take back my life again!!!

Yay…that is the fighter spirit you need. Go beat this thing!!!

Binky you win round one with attitude and stance !

I see a knock out in the next round , yes ?

Be good to you . Take care of you .

May God guide , guard and hold you ( all ) in the palm of His hand as always .

Best of luck to you and we all look forward to the story of you kicking butt!

That’s it Blinky…beat the Beast!! Like Trish said, I’m really looking forward to the butt kicking story…take care, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Greetings Sir Binky,

My post to Wish you Well on your mission to Mash the Beast seems not to be showing yet.....so....

you most definitely qualify as A Valiant Man [AVM class 1], who will be victorious in vanquishing the Beast.

I will look forward to your writings on the procedure and, if attitude and action is credited correctly, you are guaranteed victory !
kind regards from Merry Olde England,


“My prayers are with you”, Binky. Good luck and may you have a speedy recovery.

One down, one to go. You are so strong. I will continue sending you positive thoughts :slight_smile: