I cried during 1st experincing siezure

This morning John had a seizure this morning 7:23 to 7:25 is this the embo that is causing this or what???my first experience i cried and cried and then when john woke up after he was more aware and he cried too i ask him if there is something he wanted to share he didnt want to…How to be so i went to get my lap top to share this site to John to encourage him i went to Liam story and he cried and wipe his tears and got up and felt better he will soon be on here…i feel for him and I…im going to hang in there too …i still want to cry

Stella you and John touch my heart and soul and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. You are as much a miracle as he is. CRY. Cry as much and as often as you want and need. John should cry because of and fo everything he is “going through”, yes?? And what an honor for you and what a privelege for you and what a comfort to him to be able to cry with you. How important that is for and to him you know.
Did you contact the Dr.(s)? WAS This an expected possibility? There are answers and I am certain you are finding them and you and John are working so hard at all of this at once that my heart is breaking for you both.
The “Captain” will wrestle his way through and he will help you as you are helping him. I am aware that you know these simple facts. I am also aware that when it comes to our children we, as parents, more so even as mothers want to take the burden, the pain, the uncertainty and the fear as our own to keep it from them. We can’t.
It seems that YOU are astutely in tune with your child and that is one of your many gifts to him. What blessings you are to each other most people live long time never knowing. This is so difficult for everyone-who knows how to traverse such foriegn and sometimes treacherous and always frightening ground? There is no road map, there is only moment by moment experience and knowledge as we go. you are simply marvelous as is John. So cry and cry and cry and cry until you laugh and all the way round again. Be good to you. Take care of you. Not only because he needs you Stella, also because you need you. AND FRANKLY WOMAN the world is blessed by having you and yours in it. Hugs and Hugs and HUGS to all. Most for John…By the way-have you tried kicking and screaming while out in public? A bit of fun and amusement for all. The trick is to begin and end quickly-the treat is people wonder for years…