I cried during 1st experincing siezure

This morning John had a seizure this morning 7:23 to 7:25 is this the embo that is causing this or what???my first experience i cried and cried and then when john woke up after he was more aware and he cried too i ask him if there is something he wanted to share he didnt want to…How to be so i went to get my lap top to share this site to John to encourage him i went to Liam story and he cried and wipe his tears and got up and felt better he will soon be on here…i feel for him and I…im going to hang in there too …i still want to cry

Hello Stella. I pray the day is as good as it can be for you and yours. You are all in my prayers. Be good to you. Take care of you.

You and John are in our prayers, Stella. If you feel like crying, you should go ahead and let it out. Don’t let things build up inside until you explode.

Hello Stella and John,
How are you? - Your mind and body must be so exhausted from all the worry. My brother did not have any seizure due to the embo - you need to ask the Dr. what is going on? Maybe just an adjustment of the medication. Remenber from what I understand the embo changes the blood flow to the brain so maybe it was just reacting to the embo. It is so normal to be exhausted, even if they did not open the skull you still had brain surgery. I will keep you in my prayer and wish you the best in the recovery period. Hang in there and know you are not alone - we all have walked in your shoes.

What can I say…MANY PEOPLE have cried over me, the worst one was my late grandmother- that’s a picture I will never get out of my head. If you need to cry just let it out, but be sure that John knows its something going to happen. I always knew somebody in the room was going to cry, they cried because they cared- make sure John knows that. If I’m going to have a seizure and my cousin is there (she’s the only female), I go to her- I’ve been seizure-free for 6 years. My cousin makes sure that I’m always on my side and she tells people, “it’s ok, I’ve got him”. I feel comfortable w/her better than anyone (she also cries sometimes), it’s like we have a bond. Just give it time.


I feel for you. It is so hard to watch your child go thru this. Just take one day at a time. Thinking of you.

“SHOWING STRENGTH” My cousin does that- when she cries, she’ll say something like “damn, you made me cry- and my makeup ran” or “I’ve got to iron this dress again, you should’ve told me ahead time” Just humorous things that will break the tension. RGD

Thanks I will try that. Its not easy.Today I was asked by my next door neighbor that if i can watch the kids and i said sure …5 KIDS!!! That sure kept my mind off on Johns AVM. LOL …john joke that on the 18 of Oct that his seizure was for my birthday gift …GEEEE i was actually more emotional that day and it did put a smile on my face.