I can't take it anymore

these headaches are really making me feel so miserable!!! Take tylenol… thats all ive been doing.

What do I do??? Headache isn’t bad enough to go to er. Its affecting my mood, and daily duties…i feel so tired ughhh

Everytime someone askes me oh nayleen whats wrong… I say oh i have a really bad headache…they would just look at me like im complaning…its so annoying!!!

For the last three days I’ve been having some blurred vison and flashes…

I had my angiogramn on 4/1/11 and have a appointment on the 21st.

Hi Nayleen. You might find this blog interesting...


Lots of people on here suffer from headaches and fatigue. I hope you feel better soon!!!

Hi Nayleen,

I feel the same way- I have been thinking to post something along these lines especially the past few days. My head has been hurting so bad I have been throwing up, and just miserable. I have fioricet and sometimes that helps, sometimes not. I dont know what else to do for them and I hate complaining, but they are all consuming. I am also getting really bad blurred vision in one eye :( Anyway, just wanted to commiserate. Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

I hope you feel better.


I know that when my headaches really kick up and get to where they are affecting my daily life. I gor pain pills from my DR. I take 1 or 2 vicodens get lots of sleep and really helps. Tylenol, mortin, etc never helped with my headaches. Hope you get better soon!!!!!!!!!!

And I know how you feel about people looking at you like a headache is nothing, its sucks and I want to scream at them lol. ~Andrea~

Nayleen, I use ice-packs when my headaches get unbearable. One on the back of the neck and one on my forehead. It doesn't take it away completely but, it does lower it tremendously to a 'normal' type of headache. Which is much more tolerable for me. (I get migarains that last for days at a time, sometimes a week.)

I hope this helps. Ben

I had the same amount of time between my angiogram and appt, I called my Doctor's office and told them I could not wait that long, they rescheduled my SRS appt and save me 2 weeks of waiting. On the symptoms, try to get as much sleep as possible and seek out a good pain management clinic. There are drugs that do help with the headaches (Nucynta 75mg) and the sleep....don't suffer in silence, make sure your family, friends, and co-workers, understand completely about your AVM and it's symptoms.

My prayers are with you

Thank you all for ur replies..I will take everyones advice for sure!!!!

I haven't told many ppl about my avm...i dont know if im ready to share it with my co-workers or other family members. I don't want them to feel sorry for me..lord thats all I need.

I def need to catch up on my sleep...i probably wake up at least 3 times a night.

Nayleen, I understand your hesitation of wanting people to know about your avm. I kept mine a secret from most of my coworkers and some of my family for 16 yrs. I didn't even tell my own mother till 2007 (I found out about mine in 1991). She would have just worried about me.

I usually have to take an over the counter sleeping pill or I'll take meletonin beforeI go to bed. Or else I wake up a couple of times too (from the pain). It stinks! I use to get a good nights sleep. Now..... I find it to be a real treat if I sleep through the whole night. Hopefully, you can find something that will work for you. We all need our "beauty sleep". :)

Hi Nayleen,

I've been having post Angio headaches too. They come on really quick and painful! And I've had some double vision. I've been told the headaches are normal. It would have been nice to know about that prior to the angio tho!

Hope your appointment goes well on the 21st! I just got my call from the doc saying we're going ahead with the Gamma Knife, and I'll be meeting with them in the next few weeks about when we'll start. So we wait some more!

Take care :)