I can't believe the day has finally come!


2 rounds of radiation, countless MRI’s, CT’s and Angiograms, I even became an RN… Saw the Neurosurgeon today. 9 years have passed since I started treatment and he finally said the words I thought I would never hear: Your AVM is gone. I’m not even sure if it has sunk in. I thought I had the most stubborn AVM and it never wanted to go away. But its finally gone!


WOOHOO!! Congratulations. What a relief, I’m sure, after all this time. You must be feeling a flood of emotions. Good job, well done!!



That is fantastic news! Great to hear and you made my day. Take Care, John


great news


Congrats! This news let’s all know there can be a road to recovery. I just started my journey down that road, but this gives me hope that we can conquer this. God Bless :smile:


CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is fantastic news and I am so happy for you… God bless!




Great news, congratulations xxxx


Really happy for you! Congrats!!!


Awesome!, Sorry did you mention where it was located?


Congratulations! Godbless


Wonderful news!


Congrats, Christine!


This is awesome news!! CONGRATULATIONS!


Wonderful!! Did your AVM ever rupture? If not, this is even better news! Enjoy your health. :heart:️️


It was in my left temporal lobe and never ruptured, thankfully.


That’s great! Can’t wait till I hear those very same words. So happy for you. How big was yours if I may ask?


Happy for you. Have you been taking meds? For seizures like Keppra? BP meds?
I want to stop all these.
I just discovered my AVM in February. Quite large, frontal right lobe. I am 73. Have been to seen all doc’s
Neurointerventional radiologists,surgeon, Cyberknife.
Last doc after I asked, “what would you tell your mother to do?”
“You have lived with AVM for 7 decades! Do nothing!”
AVM is in a critical spot likely cause right side paralysis and possible speech impairment.

Thank you for any responses!


My AVM was almost 4cm at its largest, about the size of a golf ball. I’ve had 2 rounds of radiation and have been on seizure meds- topamax. I never had a bleed. I was told to treat because I’m so young and at some point I might have a bleed if I didn’t treat it.


Awesome!!! What great news!!!