I am just shocked! and Wayne yakes

Hi all what a great site i have so much more to explore tomorrow! I am having an op on Thurs 26th march 09,Dr Wayne Yakes is using alcohol. I have not met him yet but i have met his colleagues who seem wonderfull.
Has anyone been seen and treated by Wayne Yakes just thought i would ask!!!

im very very scared!



Hey Laura! I’m a Yakes patient and will be back on April 9th for my 14th embo!!! He is a wonderful doctor. Total teddy bear, kind, soft spoken but determined. And I really think he is a skilled doc, and have complete faith in him.
It is scary, but honestly it will be over before you know it! Check out my page here and the blog postings that I have added right after embos. Also on my personal website I’ve detailed “trip reports” for each treatment I’ve had in Denver. They are kinda long (I’m a wordy kind girl!) but it may help put you at ease as far as what to expect.
Of course, if you have any questions, let me know and I will try to help.
But you are in good hands. Yakes is definately one of the best. People travel to see him from all over the world. Almost every trip I’ve made out to Denver has had someone from outside the US also there at the same time. So definately a sought after guy!

Hi Laura,
My daughter has been seeing Dr. Yakes for a facial AVM since she was 8 she is now 11. We will be going back on the 23rd of April for her #11 trip. He is very skilled and fantastic doctor. His support staff is amazing, they will answer any questions you have and are really determined you have as good as experience as possible. You will be in really good hands when you are under his care!
Good luck with your procedure, and keep us updated,

best of luck with your operation please keep us posted

Hi Laura
I hope it is all going well for you today, take care.