I am home from Surgery

I am home :)
First I want to thank you for your kind words on my other postings and i want to apologize for now repying to all of you. I have horrible fine motor skills since the surgery and typing is so hard and the biggest memory loss the surgery gave me is I forgot where the letters are on a keyboard. haha Weird uh?? so its one finger at a time and it takes time and by the end of one message my hand is hurting and cramping... anyway....
So i flew home Monday night and my husband drove. He made the 2150 miles trip home in less than 2 days!! crazy! Ive been feeling ok considering I only take Tylenol for pain (i asked them to wean me off strong meds on day 4 hahaha that's just me...) and now my head is losing its "humbness" and my neck as well and let me just say OUCH! I am still wearing the eyepatch and probably will for a long time since my right optic nerve was paralysed. I can open my eyes and it works but both eyes are different and using both of them at the same time is made for terrible vision. The surgery took my sense of taste away but I have confidence that it will come back... my mother is a chef and my son is going to be a chef..... otherwise i can live without.
Everyday i have to pinch myself that i am still alive so i am thankful... Last month i really thought this was it!!
I was told inoperable.... if i listen, i'd be dead now... I am blessed to have friends and family that took me across the country to see the best. I will never take that for granted.
Anyway, i will try to answer each one of you but if i dont i am not being a stranger!! Just having a major brain fart :D

Super Hurrah! So glad you are home!

BIG congrats to you!!!
Rest, rest, rest & allow your brain to continue to mend. :)

Massive congratulations to you dandelionwishes, rest, rest, rest you've been on a big rollercoaster the last couple months. Your still here fighting keep positive my friend.

Excellent!! Congrats! I'll just say it again...rest, rest, rest, rest. We'll look forward to hearing from you when you are feeling up to it again.

Congrats, dandelionwishes. Best wishes to yo on your recovery.
the best advice that I can give you is to be patient with yourself during recovery, and to rest often.

What a Blessing you have received! I will keep you in my prayers! God bless!

Yay!! Congrats!!


Sounds like you’re doing amazingly well. Just rest. Listen to your body and get the rest you need.

Then hopefully you will feel up to keeping us updated :slight_smile:

Take care!!

– Tina

This is fantastic news ...God bless and just relax and recover in good time!

very good!

thank you!!

Thank you!! That's all i can do is lay all day haha :)

Thank you!! Oh i have no other choice to rest! :) You are right i need emotional rest from the rollercoaster too :) positive always!

thank you so much :)

Thank you!! I am going to be very patient :D

Yes i have :) Thank you

Thank you :)

Thank you!! If it was not so hard and time consuming to type i have all the time in the world to update !!! :D I THak you!!

thank you!!