! i am good to go!

Olga and I attended my 6 week post-op meeting with my neurosurgeon Wednesday. He removed ALL restrictions on activity and said I could stop taking anti-seizure meds immediately. I already notice a huge reduction in the drowsiness those meds were causing!

The scalp incision has almost totally healed and is becoming barely noticeable due to the plastic surgery-like procedure that was used. As with any bone break, it will take a while for the skull to heal (9 to 12 months). Meanwhile plates and screws hold things firmly in place. Most any residual scalp pain/swelling is being well-controlled with ice and/or nsaids.

My next checkup is in a year!

This has been quite an adventure. Thanks again for all the kind wishes and prayers! God is good!


I am just starting my journey. Initial appointment on the 23rd. No idea of what is to come but THANK YOU for these thoughts!! God IS good … All the time! You have given me hope this morning!!!

What a positive story Mike and I am so glad you shared this with us. So happy for you! The AVM journey is sometimes a long one but it looks like you are doing extremely well in a relatively short period of time. Hope you continue to have an improvement in your health. Yay!! I do love a good story!