I am back ---Part 2

I am back… Part 1

To begin with I call it a two part surgery. On Monday August 31 they did the emborization, this was done at another hosp because the anasthesia was not availabe at the hosp where the actually was going to be done. By the wat U waited all day which was nerve wracking. After the emorization I went to recovery where I woke up to what seem to many nurses. I was told that I would be transferred by ambulance to the hosp where my surgeron was that night for surgery in the morning. Was I in pain, well let me put it like this YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I had a morphine pump that they told me to use at any time but I think that they make you think you are getting medicine. Don’t get me wrong I was drugged but I still believe the pump is a psych thing. OK the ambuance bought me to the next hosp where I was bought to CCU. This was about 10pm that night, I could not drink, nor eat anything because remember I have the surgery the next morining. The morphine had me sick as a dog. The next morning they roled me to surgery where everyone who was going to be involved explained their role. When I woke up I was back in CCU with my morphine pump. I knew everyone, my mom said I talked crazy but I guess it was the drugs. the days after that were hard, my head hurt, all these people were coming in and out, Physical theraphy, x ray so I am not going to say it was easy, but then I am a big baby so don’t measure by my standareds. I went home 7 days later. Oh boy the firt week was hell. I will have to tell you that in part 2 because I am still tired and it is hard for me to see the computer screen. So all the typos is not because I can’t spell. I do have a lot more to tell. I will try again tomorrow.

Hi Phyllis,

You certainly have been through a lot. Take your time to write the next installment, and get some rest.

Take care,