Hysterectomy, Ovary removal, Menopause, Prostate 'concerns' after your AVM?

Just wanted to inquire if anyone has had a complete hysterectomy (uterus & ovaries removed) or just their ovaries removed after your AVM. If so, can you please share what ‘remedy’ (such as estrogen, HRT, herbs, etc.) that was ‘prescribed’ to you (& the reason behind it)? (The reason I ask is because females MAY be faced with any of these during or after treatment of an AVM and I’ve been informed that a neuro doctor stated estrogen, birth control pills, and HRT are not good for person’s with a vascular malformation. Also, there is the debate of (the level/dosage of) estrogen and cancer linkage.)

Additionally, if anyone has any information on the Prostate, etc. for the males, that would be great if it was posted as well.

Thank you all, in advance, for your contribution!