Hyposphagma / Subconjunctival bleeding ...?

Hello! :slight_smile: I just wanted to ask if there could be any relation between this and the AVM maybe bleeding ; I had this earlier this year on my “bad side eye” and forgot it for a while thinking I had somehow hurt myself in my sleep. Could it be related to intracranial pressure or not at all? Thanks in advance.

I can’t be much help, I had to rely on Dr. Google. I always try to err on the side of simplicity when having an initial look. Google searches can certainly scare us in a hurry! It is always best to discuss with a trusted Dr. however I know you are having some difficulties finding comfort with some of those folks. Most of us have had those challenges at times with Dr. who aren’t great listeners! Was this around the time you mentioned a BP spike? I’m convinced our AVMs may be connected to a lot of things, particularly those that are not explainable in other reasonable ways.

The below may be a good spot to start consideration of your personal circumstances, and if worrisome provide good research to discuss with a Dr.

What causes a subconjunctival hemorrhage in the eye?

Small subconjunctival hemorrhages can result from forcefully sneezing or coughing . High blood pressure and taking certain medications that alter blood clotting mechanisms are other risk factors for subconjunctival hemorrhages.

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Hey, thank you!! Yeah, unfortunately I haven’t found The Doctor yet :frowning: I saw this which is why it got me wondering but I can’t remember exactly when this happened other than “sometime in 2021” . I believe I was a bit busy or stressed out … thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile: