Hyperbaric treatment

Has anybody ever tried hyperbaric treatment ? Does it really help the brain? We want to find a treatment to help our young adult son who had a massive AVM rupture a year and a half ago. He is making progress everyday but still can not use his right hand and walk with a limp.He still has a long way to go for his aphasia.We just want to try everything so he can live a more normal life again.

Angie, I'm sorry, but members who have tried it on this site have not reported lasting improvements.

Hi Madere,Thank you so much for answering my question. I Guess hyperbaric treatment is one of those "hype"treatments which doesn't have lasting improvement.As parents, we expect miracles to happen to our child.Time is the essence.We just have to be patient.

Angie, the folks on the Aphasia group may have some tips to help your son. Just click on "Groups" at the top of the page. I joined this community because of my son, too. Different situation (a facial avm), but I understand just what you're saying.

Yes, I did the hyperbaric treatment and it did not help nor did I feel any difference other than a good place to take a nap.