Hyper baric oxygen therapy questions

My husband had his brain bleed on his cerebellum 2 years ago. He lost mostFunction but had gained back almost everything just not to the level we would hope for. He is 36 and walks like he is 80. Other than therapy he hasn’t left the house since we came home from the hospital. I am willing to try anythinghboto get his walking back so wad wondering if anyone had any experience with hbot treatment?

I had hyberbaric within 3 months of diagnosis of post radiation obtain swelling. It helped return a lot but not all feeling and function to my right leg. My leg is still not completely functional, I limp and have major weakness and lack of feeling in right foot and ankle. Before hyperbaric it was up past knee. Good luck!

This link will take you to the Cochrane Collaboration. Type "hyperbaric oxygen" into the search engine field and it will give you a list of links that lead you to easy to understand summaries of the different benefits/disadvantages of HBOT for many conditions including traumatic brain injury and radionecrosis - http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/cochranelibrary/search

Here is a link for the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society - http://membership.uhms.org/ where you can find information on their position regarding which conditions benefit from HBOT and which are as of yet unproven or flat out don’t work.

Also posted on their website is this link to the Food and Drug administration page on the use of HBOT for off label uses such as AIDS, autism, cancer, TBI, migraines and so on and so on and so on and so forth… http://membership.uhms.org/

However just because someone’s condition isn't approved for treatment by the UHMS or reimbursed by Medicare never fear, there’s a pair of pastors down in Tennessee claiming to be Natural Medicine Doctors who are providing it to parishioners as part of their ministry for things like hair loss and depression and well you can read all about that thanks to Nashville channel 4 - http://www.wsmv.com/story/23847706/pastors-use-hyperbaric-chambers-...

Full size HBOT chambers are pricey but smaller mid – size versions can be had for around 15 grand. Or if that’s out of budget/beyond reach they can be rented for about $400.00 a month - http://www.healingdives.com/1994.html?gclid=COTN78yxgb0CFTBgMgodCCwA8w

Now just think how many bake sales and cake walks a church would have to hold in a calendar year to compete with a ministry "medically" savvy enough to start offering miracle cures for cancer at an introductory starting rate of only a $100.00 deposit down. Get just four people no longer willing to remain color blind to join your church and hey that right there takes care of the rental fee. Anybody else you can sucker in, convince to take it for a spin above and beyond them and why once you deduct the cost to power it up the rest is pure profit.

And if you get your parishioners to donate money to cover the cost of the power bills and disinfecting stuff to wipe the unit down in between marks er uh congregants…

Oh and another good link - http://www.aitse.org/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy-help-or-hoax/

Thanks Ladies. I am actually in Tennessee so I will have to check out these pastors.

Hi I have been reading and contact various places that provide this therapy, it works for stroke patients. I have been searching for a place that can help my son but he is on a vent so it is hard. but for your husband if he is breathing on his own he would be able to get the therapy. My son also had his avm in the cerebellum. Acupuncture is another way to help your husband also

Try these websites for listing and help.

My son had an AVM rupture back in August 2010. He is in a facility - QLi in Omaha. The facility specializes in TBI. When I noticed the first post about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I started researching it and found the Nebraska Medical Center has one a hyperbaric chamber and it is close to where the facility is where my son is. I then brought it up to the social worker there and asked if it could be discussed with the VA to see if my son could be a candidate for it. Hopefully, they will approve it and he can try it. Have read that it has had a lot of positive results for stroke patients.

Hi Lori -
My daughter had her AVM rupture in October of last year. She's undergoing SRS and has had quite bit of swelling as a result of the radiation. The doctor just recommended HBO to go along with the steroids. Curious if you ever had your son treated with it since writing this post and if so, what were the results like? Thanks!