Hi guys.
I know the hydration med issue but just how MUCH water satisfies you. I drink a ton of water even at night. Curious if this is a “norm” for anyone else?


I drink a lot of water as well, I always try to be well hydrated. It varies depending n activity and weather but I start the day by draining a 620 ml/ 16 oz water bottle. I si water most of the day and try to drink an additional 500 ml for every coffee I drink (which is usually one large).


I don’t think it matters how much water you drink. Everyone is different. The key is peeing white – when your urine has no color you are fully hydrated.

If you feel thristy it’s too late, you’re already dehydrated.



I wake Up feeling thirsty egenbafterbdrinkinhbat night and I’ve been needing more sleep lately. Very frustrating. Feel like I am wasting all my time!