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Humiliations, Mockery, Double Standards, Strained Relationships, Depression :(


So they already could not contain their laughter. I walked in to explain my situation and it was public humiliation. I explained that the sidewalk was uneven and I could not regain my balance. I took a real pratfall, my purse opened and $$ fell out. These are members of the community who work in a public school. PARAPROFESSIONALS, who resented my salary as a school nurse One by one, they explained that they are unable to stop laughing when someone falls the way I did. Clumsily, let’s be honest.Due to disability.I pulled on my stoic face from childhood. Oh, spilled the coffee I had bought for some of them. Had to absorb that cost.They passed around a box of tissues to wipe away their tears of laughter. No one offered me a tissue to clear blood from my eye. I took care of myself. It stung! Next day, I had bruises since I bruise easily. Platelet disorder. I was non communicative and one said I needed to learned to take a joke. I do not practice resentment; it is a challenge in my faith. But I just had a working relationship with them from that day on. If they are not ashamed in this life, then they will feel it in the next. Theu were 45 yr old school yard bullies. I am above that. Ppl need to earn my respect. They failed at humanity.


Hello, Eileen, I’m so sorry that you had such an awful experience with heartless people. I too have come up against bullies and I’m just glad that I can have compassion for others. Happy I am not the kind of person who would find amusement in the pain and humiliation of others. I loathe being told that cruel remarks were a joke or that I can’t take a joke. I have responded at times that they need to grow a heart more than I need to find humour in the pain of others. Bullies are cowards and they are usually shameless. However, sometimes my response gets through. You sound like a mature and spiritual person that I would enjoy knowing. you have my respect.