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Hubby has surgery Monday and I am getting scared


I have been his rock for the last 6 weeks for sure, but it seems the time is flying by and Monday is so close.

He is having his AVM removed with a crainiotomy.

I am just feeling a little overwhelmed and scared.

Thanks for listening,


keep being his rock; he needs you now more than ever… he is probably scared too… I was.
Monday will be the beginning of putting this nightmare behind you!


Hey Denise, my name is Paul. I had a craniotomy 8 years ago in 2010. It was the strength of my Savior showed in part by the strength of my wife that got me through it. I am praying for you that you guys had a successful surgery and a smooth recovery.


Just as the others have made comments it was also the case for myself as my strong wife is what I had help me get through this stage of my life… God bless!


Thank you all so much for your kind words and experiences, it gives me so much hope!


Prayers for you and your family. I had my craniotomy at 22 years old. I wasn’t one to show it often, but I was so frightened as to what may happen. My family was my biggest support system during the two months of waiting for my craniotomy date to arrive. Be as strong as you can be, but know it is okay to be scared!



It’s absolutely normal to be like this. It’s a big thing.

The best thing I can say is there is nothing to be scared of before Monday morning, so eat, drink and be happy. When it gets to Monday, the only thing to do is to go through the steps the hospital staff take you through. They know what this is about and will guide you through each step.

I’ve no idea what you do while your husband is in theatre. My wife went shopping (or planned to go shopping, I’m not sure if she actually went) but it is likely to be the longest day you can imagine so make sure you eat and drink properly and look after yourself. It’s too easy to focus just on your husband and end up making yourself poorly.

Very best wishes,