My dear friends,
I am writing this letter in order to ask your advice .. and I would be very happy if you could help me.
Realizing that the battle with avm will never end, I decided to make a blog like a diary in which I will write about my life .... my life In the past …. my life in the moment. I decided to share my thought, my feelings, my fears in order to get in contact with other people in Greece and al over the world …to help and be helped. My blog includes and medical information’s as i have spent many hours searching for information’s online and in books.
My blog ( is in greek and this makes difficult the ability to communicate with people worldwide. Trying to find people to help with english translation I fail as they ask a lot of money.
My dear friends could you help me and give me your advice. Is it possible to find people who they can translate Greek into English for free?
Thank you very much indeed.