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How to make the decision!


I found out I have a non operable brain avm 10 years ago. I was a legal assistant. Three years ago my boss retired and I became the office administrator. I use to love accounting. Now I despise it! Feeling like nothing goes right for me. I seem to make several mistakes even if it is something that I catch at that time. I have had daily headaches since my avm was discovered since lately they are worse about 3 pm. I go home stressed out ice pack I head and lay down. I am having a difficult time making the life alternate decision to leave this job and find something else— have to work :weary: this may just be ranting —-



Have you ever seen a pain neurologist?
I have one at Stanford and I get Botox shots every 3 months where my pain is and also in my jaw for TMJ and it takes it down about 1 notch.
She said the longer we let the pain go then our brain thinks that is normal.

Also we just tried Ketamine infusions
They said I have centralized pain from the stroke I had.
They also just prescribed compounding Ketamine which also helps.
I have also tried a host of other shots but they didn’t work for me.
I can’t work anymore I had a great job in trading and worked with millions of dollars each day . I can’t handle noise now and have to recheck my numbers too.

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Have you asked your PC about antidepressants? I suffered from headaches for many decades. My current dentist said she could help me with them and she did. Apparently I was grinding my teeth and my jaw was usually clenched from stress. I am now headache free after several months of treatment for TMJ. A word of advice-do not leave your job until you have another one lined up. If you hate your entire career path think about what sort of work you would love and go for that-even if you need a few classes. Work on your health first. If your present job has good benefits stay there. The grass always looks greener, as they say. If your job is stressing you out then work on finding something less stressful. If there is any way to make your current job bearable then try that. Good luck and check back in with us.




If it helps, I know @JD12 made the alternate life decision and is chuffed that he did so.


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I think if it is impacting on your health and general well-being then its safe to say you need a change… A change is always a good thing IMO as it is refreshing to try new things after being stuck in the same routine for so many years… it is healthy… God bless!

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Tina this is the one place that you can rant and we won’t hold against you! I think we’ve all be there a few times during our AVM journeys. I can’t offer much advice on your job situation, but I will suggest you look for something less taxing on your brain. Making mistakes and headaches are something all of us can identify with. Perhaps your Doc’s can prescribe a different med to try. I wish you all the best, and I prescribe to you P&P (Prayer & Patience).

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Thank you everyone for your response. I spoke with my boss and he is going to work with me on an alternate position. At the firm. This is a big step for me stepping down as office manager to potentially receptionist. But maybe at 50 years old and 10 years with this avm it is a good decision for my health and my family life. I really appreciate this website and knowing that I am not alone :blush:



Great to hear Tina, hats off to you and your boss. A really tough decision but you need to do what feels right. Follow your heart so to speak. If a job is impacting your health, your family, your well being then the decision becomes easier but does require a lot of courage to take the step. I’ve left a job after 28 plus years and now can walk to work, and a fair bit less pressure. Take Care, John.