How to keep your blood pressure low

Hi guys,

Any hints and tips on keeping the old blood pressure down? The neuro has said the obvious… no coffee, no chocolate, no alcohol, no strenuous exercise and “avoid stress”.

Anyone else got hints and tips for staying healthy? I’m waiting for my surgery and occasionally I’m getting headaches and dizziness but keeping the blood pressure low seems to abate those. Tonight, I’m not doing so well.

All hints / what you do / ideas gratefully received


Hi Richard, Breathing techniques help, I am finding it hard to explain in word rather than show in person !, As you may imagine, Deep in through the nose and slow and steady out the mouth perhaps with your eyes shut on the outward breath, helps me relax and going to a lie down in a dull cool room helps me relax also, but obviously we cannot do this all the time when needed, There are medical options available from your doctor, But I would only pursue this if you are having issues often. Hope you are doing well Richard, Take care


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Thanks as always. I did have a go at the breathing. It does help. I think some of it is diet. I’m off the obvious stuff but I had some liquorice the other day and I suspect the liquorice! But head buzzing a bit for half this week. Was hoping I’d got the blood pressure knocked and could stay as well as the previous week but life is more complicated than that, isn’t It?

Thank you for being there so often.


Thanks Richard for your kind words :slight_smile: , I’m afraid I will need to be here less for a while as my wife is going to give birth soon (In the next month or so) and this means late nights and trying to get sleep when I can lol !, Life is complicated as you mentioned but should always be treasured and enjoyed !. Some times the sugary treats can have that affect on you, But hell they are a treat and you should enjoy them also :slight_smile: !, Take care


Well, I cant think of a better reason for being away for a while. Let us know when you’ve got a new family member! Hope everything goes very well for Mrs B, meanwhile.

if your avm is on the head/face, sleep with slightly upward position. make a bed for it. cold weather also helps.