How to get rid of Keppra

Please get me advice how can I be seizure mess free safely.
I have already 6 seizure episodes but now about 2 years free of seizure and am at 3x150mg of Co Leveteracetan twice a day.
Any advice from fellow members will be appreciated.

aadar, members can share their own experiences, but cannot give advice, per se, since only your physician is in a position to responsibly give you advice on this. That being said, I hope other members will share their own experiences.

My advice would be to bring it up on your next doc visit. They’ll be able to give you the best course of action. All the best!

Your Keppra is working since you haven't had a seizure in 2 years. One thing I can say is please do not stop taking your Keppra without your doctor's advise.

Thanks Louisa I just wanted to get shared experience as we all are doing, final advice always from doctor.
I talked to my physician but got hopeless reply that it cannot be stopped.
Yes know I m under control with this medicine want to cut it down going slowly slowly may be in couple of years or so should get rid of. As I am experiencing mod problem which is its side effects so better if can reduce or get rid off.
Will surely discuss with my neurologist in next visit.

Hi I have to agree with all the other comments on this one, Doctors advice is key. I asked my doctor about my keppra (2 x 500mg/Day) and his response was that (here in the UK) I would have to stop driving as the possibility of having a seizure is higher as you drop your dosage. For me it was suggested that I keep taking it forever (I'm 38 years old so youngish) and this means that I will be taking them for a long time, I have no noticeable side affects , You can see the results of a keppra search on this site here :

Take care, Martin.

Thanks Martin for your detailed reply and putting all fellow members discussion on topic in one link.
Thinks to all community.
I will try to get appointment with my neuro then put update.
Best regards
Anwar Ahmad