How to dile with depression after a grade 2 stroke?

I’ve been progressing from day-to-day but feel like I should be further along in my recovery? I’ve put my issues with depression stemming from my AVM on the back burner. Parents’ divorce, staying strong for my baby sis. Since graduation and two summers of influencing others through my recovery. I still feel like I should be further along. Even though my lasting Deficits are a limp and short-term memory loss even though the short-term memory loss has shortened significantly. I still struggle with depression and a psychologist can only get so much out of a session. Like I’ve said earlier in the article, I’ve helped others in their recovery from strokes. But, have not seen much progress in two years and it’s starting to mess my psychy. Any suggestions into recovery or help with dilling will a depression.

With the psychological portion?

Hi Jerrod. I get where you are coming from. However, I've had to accept the fact that I'm not Wonder woman. You aren't Superman. Like you I was more concerned with helping everyone else get through than helping myself. It has taken its toll. I realize that now is my time to heal and deal. And surprisingly, I am very supported by those I worried about first. It feels good to let someone else worry while I heal. Depression takes time-let yourself heal and deal.

KD, I kind of have a tender heart and can’t help to help the needy, been that way since my stroke. But have a problem accepting it.

Jerrod. My husband had a stroke in 2012. He explains that he feels like he doesn't have any filters when it comes to his feelings. He has to work really hard to deal with anger, depression, frustration, hallmark commercials. Lol. It's hard but you have to care for yourself before you can be strong for others.

Thanks KD for your kind words of insight. I started researching on techniques to reduce the stress and its helped without having to resort to meds. I was never the kid that grew up on meds and band aids. Tex