"How to Deal with a Grand Mal Seizure"

I wrote this article a little while ago, when I realized that a lot of people probably have NO idea how to deal with people having grand mal seizures in front of them, or worse, have misguided information on what to do (like stuff a sock in the person's mouth, or to try to hold them still... the stuff "old wive's tales" tell you to do).

So I wrote it initially on Tumblr, but now that I have an actual blog, I decided to repost onto there. I hope it'll be useful for anyone having seizure disorder, to give to people who may potentially encounter them having grand mal seizures.

It's written specifically for GM seizures, but a lot of it can be globalized to different kinds of seizures.

If you have anything to add, please feel free to let me know! I'd love for this to be as extensive as possible, and as helpful to people as possible!!

How To Deal With A Grand Mal Seizure

On a slightly related note, yesterday was the day of my second seizure last year.
It's amazing how far and yet how little I've come since last year...

Thanks for sending this! I haven't had a grand mal for 2 years now..(thank you God). This would be a great thing to print out for my family!

Thank you for reading it! I've thankfully not had a Grand Mal since end of October last year (hoping to keep it that way), but I always give a really short pep talk to my new friends who might have the misfortune of having to deal with me (like new roommates) just in case. Because I really never know! And even if I don't have any seizures, they might encounter some elsewhere!

Hi Hiro. Let’s get Louisa to cross-post this on the seizure sub-group on here! Good info!

Hi Hiro,

I live with gran mals as well. You wrote this very well and I found it to be very informative for those who aren't familiar with helping anyone who is having a seizure. I realy liked the part of what to do for them when they start coming to. You are so right. We are very dissoriented when we start to regain consciouseness. Well done! Thank you for sharing this with us.


Thank you for reading, Ben!

It's so disorienting, and it never helps to have people riled up around you. Not that I can blame them, of course, having just witnessed such a scary thing, but I can't answer questions, and I can't move the way you think I should... but don't rush me!

Thanks for reading, Barbara!