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How many people have AVM on leg?

I have AVM on my amputated leg and I just wanted to know how many people .... in this great group .... have AVM on there leg? What is the status of the AVM? What treatment did you have for your arteriovenous malformation?
thaaaank you

Hello Antoneta,

I have an AVM on my foot, diagnosed two months ago. I have had no treatment yet, The only option that I am considering is coil insertion in the primary artery that is feeding the AVM. I haven't heard enough positive feedback from fellow AVMers on the effect of coil intervention to commit to doing this yet.

If the AVM continues to grow in my foot, I am leaning towards having a below the knee amputation. From what I have read here and other places, if the amputation is far enough from the nidus of the AVM it may not re-develop.

Hi AntonetA! :slight_smile:
I have an AVM on my left buttock, thigh and knee. I had partial resection done on it, which didn’t really help (it grew back). I only wear compression stocking now, relieving pain with painkillers. Sadly, that’s all I can tell you :frowning: I hope you are fine.

Olga2, I also have an AVM is left buttox that is compressing my sciatic nerve. Very painful. Did you ever find anything that gave you relief?