How many embos before craniotomy?

I had my 3rd embo on Thursday. The Dr. said before it that I would have the craniotomy after it. Then, after the embo, he said that he wanted to do another embo. That will make it 4. How many is normal? Just curious if anyone experienced this.

I think it’s different for everyone, based on the size and location of the AVM. I have only had one embo, and my neurosurgeon said that if she doesn’t completely glue the AVM during my next embo, we’ll have to start looking at a craniotomy.
Hope that helps!

I don’t think there is any “normal” amount. I think they do as many as it takes to get the job done. It depends on how complex the AVM is. I know some people have had 5 or more. My daughter needed just one. Hopefully you will be good to go after the next one, and you can get on with the craniotomy. I know it begins to feel like it is dragging out, but you’ll get there!

I had three before craniotomy, and like your situation, the number of embos changed along the way. Originally the surgeons through two then crani, but after the first one he predicted that the second one might afford a view of the AVM that would reveal an additional arterial ‘feeder’ that would make a third embo advisable. That prediction turned out to be accurate, so we delayed the surgery to allow for one additional embo. As I understand it, the angiography associated with each embo affords a new ‘view’ of the lesion that adds information. So it is not all that unusual to have several, and not unheard of for the number of them to change along the way. It is worth getting from the surgeon a clear explanation as to why an additional embo before surgery is needed – what specifically he is trying to accomplish with respect to the hemodynamics of the AVM. Hope this is helpful and best of luck…

Thanks guys for all the info. I spoke to my Dr. and he explained that he discovered another feeder that he wanted to glue before he did the crani. He says it will make the crani less risky. How can I argue that. Good luck Becky. hopefully you won’t need the crani. Thanks Susan. You’re right, the waiting is the hardest part. I can’t wait for this to be behind me so that I can restart my life. And thanks to BB. My process has gone the same way. First it was 2 then the crani. Then 1 more then the crani. Now it’s 1 more then the crani. Hopefully this one will be the last. Thanks a lot for the replies.

I had like 6 Embolizations before and after I had my craniotomy done…And MRI and Ct scans…I think 5 theres a lot radiation…Well I think that every body is different, But mine is located in left lobe…I had a hard time the first couple of months know…I’m waiting for radiation…Wich is gonna be more radiation to my brain…Good luck and god bless…