How long until full recovery?

Well my AVM bled nearly 5 years ago and I had it removed nearly 4 years ago but im still not back to 100% and im really getting annoyed now as I want to get back in to playing sports that I used to love like football and rugby. But how much longer will I have to wait? I really cant be bothered waiting like another 10 years or so I would rather not be here than wait that long?x is hard for anyone to say how long it will be until we feel 100%. Since you are young it might happen sooner. Start slowly playing a sport...Give it a try.

I hope so chick I really do hope im 100% as my aim is to start college full time in September and maybe become a sports coach?x

Jay, Read this amazing story....

That video is so inspirational isnt it chick? Thankyou for sending it me xxx

Jay, I know it's frustrating. I'm almost 4 years post bleed/surgery also. Part of me I don't think will ever be 100%, like my vision. I doubt that will ever come back. And my memory problems. My memory may not ever be what it was. Part of me is actually a bit better than before. I go to the gym at least 3 days a week and I practice Yoga every other day so I'm stronger physically than I was before the bleed. Is your doctor limiting your sports? And did he/she say for how long?

Ive not been told anything by my doctor Just go to the gym with the physio I have got?xxx

Check with your doctor first but you won't know if you're able to play unless you try. If your doctor isn't limiting your activity I see no reason not to try. Are you a City Fan or a United fan?

Deffo a Man United fan me chick xxx

Hi Trish: I had an AVM in Nov 2011, 16 hr operation on cerebellum area succesful. Left with double vision periphally on rt. side. How about you? Extreme balance problems, not dizziness but very apprehensive when walking and have depth perception problems - you? Most of rt side of my body is weaker than rest..

I enjoy watching their matches when I can. Unfortunately, Premier League matches aren't greatly televised over here. That is changing though!

Chance, my AVM was in my occipital/parietal lobes so I have a field cut to the left in both eyes. I don't have an issue with double vision. I do still have balance problems and I have depth peception problems and unsteadiness when walking, like you.

Hi Jay - You might check out sports on the Nintendo's not the same as real sports, but it will keep your muscles and mind engaged.