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How long does it take to be sure that the uterine AVM is gone?


Hi girls, I had a follow up one week after the embolisation but the hypervasculated area is still there (a little bit smaller than before). So far, I have no bleeding but I’m waiting for my period and I’m hoping it come back. My next follow up will be in September and I’m worried to start bleeding again. I was wondering how was your follow up: the hypervasculated area was gone immediately after embolization or it took some time? How long does it take to be sure that the avm is gone? Your menstrual cycle came back normal after embolisation? Did you have other heavy bleeding after embolisation and if so, how many days/months later?
Sorry for all the question, but I’m worried :worried:



I’m going to invite some of the ladies directly into the conversation to see if anyone can help you.

@Amanda_Buykx, @Jessica11, @Momof2boys, @McLoudy76, @aprilsoul, @twinmama

Ladies, uterine AVM is a pretty rare thing but I think you have been interacting on the AVM survivors site in the last 9 months or so… Are you able to offer Becksy any insight or support?

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I get it check every year


I had a follow up two weeks after treatment , 1 month after with imaging and in June 6 months after. The image showed most of was gone. There was a vessel they weren’t sure of but since the bleeding went down and haemorrhage disappeared it was kept on watch. I spotted for a couple of days after treatment then resumed regular cycles. I think the ob mentioned i should go back im 6 months - next year.

According to her it could be triggered by pregnancy again or just reccur- everyone is different. She very much against me getting pregnant. I haven’t given up as i have none.

So imaging and reduced/ normal bleeding no haemorrhage are indicators of treatment success.