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How long does it actually take to heal - cerebellum bleed


Our Mother’s Day was in March :joy: I have a cat to lol a tabby. He not the most affectionate…
I have heard of the name you refer to our avms as. I thought it was a intracerebral avm - how wrong was I. Well no one tells you anything here. Its great (in a roundabout way) that you have experienced similar symptoms to me, as it’s hard to find individuals experiencing similar experiences.
The problem I have at the moment is that it’s nearly a year and it’s still controlling me. It seems a large majority of individuals control there symptoms within 6-12 months and I’m a yr on in June and still struggling . Seems pretty unfair unless it’s all going to start kicking in. You are very fortunate that you were able to get on with day to day living so soon :blush: I like happy stories.


I agree with lifeisgood :blush:


You’re not alone. There are plenty of us here still trying to shake off the beast.



Hi, Cornishwaves!

I may have gone home at about nine months post-op, but I wasn’t totally independent, or symptom free! I was never able to return to work… I had worked so hard to complete nursing school and then receive my university degree. I had been a veteran critical care nurse. I just focused on activities of daily living.

I did a great deal of researching to understand what had happened to change my life so much. And, that was frustrating. There was so little in medical literature, no support groups, etc…

Hope you have a good week! Micki (my tabby): :two_hearts::cat2:. Lifeisgood


Hi, @Cornishwaves!

How are things? ‘Haven’t heard from you in some time! I hope you are improving. Believe it or not, I am noticing small changes even 25 years post-op! I was unable to listen music or television at even a normal volume. Now I can at least tolerate it. ‘Hope to hear from you again. :cat: