How long did it take before treatment started?

Hi all, I hope this discussion finds you well. I was diagnosed a year ago and still awaiting treatment. How long did it take before your treatment started when you were first diagnosed?

Take care everyone, Susan

I had my first seizure on the 23 June 2011, my first MRI on the 29 June 2011, my first angio on the 27. July 2011 and my surgery on the 6.October 2011. Hope u will get ur treatment soon....take care.

Once diagnosed it took a little less than four months for my embolization & surgery. I'm sure it's nerve wrecking, but the fact that they aren't swarming you like bees and rushing you through procedures is probably a good sign. I hope you get comfort and treatment soon.

They were ready to start my treatment within a couple of weeks, however I prolonged it to give me some time to research my options and get second third opinions etc. They wanted to do CK but after my research I felt more comfortable with GK.. Treatment was done two months after diagnosis and 12 month post GK I'm AVM free. With some swelling etc but Ill get over it.

I first had a bleed on Sept. 30 mri on Oct. 1 and angio on Oct. 3. I had another mri on Nov. 22 I am now playing the waiting game, have not heard a thing. The waiting is so fustrating.

bleed on March 6, 2011. all my scans were done that day (CT scan MRI/MRA, and angio); first embo within that week; second embo March 31, 2011 (unsuccessful). crani May 2, 2011. but i had a bleed, i believe treatment comes quicker after a bleed rather than a diagnosis. if u had a bleed,(according to the drs i saw) they have to wait for the blood to b reabsorbed by ur brain before they can plan next course of action, it also depends on the damge done at the time of the bleed i think. so, basically, every case/treatment is different