How long after

Hey everyone,

I know that every avm is different and so is everyones recover period, but i was just wondering more or less, for those of u who had their avm removed and never had a bleed,and no complications, how long did it take for you to get up and walk around?
I have read that one of the main issues have to deal with is feeling very tired,but that this feeling isn't like a normal tired..does that make sense?

My AVM caused my brain to bleed, which caused me to have a stroke. They fixed my AVM with a glue-like substance by going up my leg through my artery. I spent a week in the hospital and a week in a rehab hospital. Due to the stroke, I had to learn to speak again. My parents drove me to speech, occupational, and physical therapy as an out-patient. I found the therapy to be exhausting.
I read the book, My stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist…by Jill Bolte Taylor. When my eyes got tired I set the kindle up to read it to me. It was helpful as well as inspiring because she said it was normal to feel tired. She says the best thing you can do for your brain is rest.
I have seen an improvement as every month passed. I felt like I came out of a fog at 4 months but at 6 months I really saw an improvement. I think the anesthesia really makes you tired. It takes a long time to get out of your system (the older you are, the longer it takes).
Some days I just need extra rest so I take it. Be kind to yourself.
My family is getting sick of me using the excuse …but I had a brain injury. My family has given me a year to use that excuse (it has been 8 months). I think that my family wants me to be “normal” so bad that they don’t see how I struggle. I have a daughter in college and a son that just graduated from college. My daughter is the hardest on me.
I wish you the best. Remember to be kind to yourself.

I had an AVM in my brain stem in the pons area and bulging into the forth ventricle. I had surgery to remove part of it and the other parts were clipped. I was up about three days after the surgery with a walker and assistance. I continued this every day. I too went to PT, OT, and SLP for months after the surgery. It has been 11yrs since my surgery and I walk normally. However my balance and motor (muscle) coordination still give me issues. Things such as walking on a balance beam, standing on one leg, dancing all. Prove to be challenging. All in all I get along fine.
Since the surgery I have never had a bleed or any other complications.