How eye surgery went

Okays guys I had eye surgery a week ago. I had to do this surgery. My eye surgeon said if I continued to wait for my eye to open I could lose vision in my eye,and a whole bunch of other things. I woke up from surgery pretty happy I could see out of both eye for once in 7 months. My eye was super red though. I have stitches on the top of my eyebrow and the inside of my eye. I have to put drops in my eye, everything you could think of. My eye is so sensitive right now. Anyways the next day from my surgery my eye was closed and I was in horrible pain. My eye swoll up so bad. It was really hard trying to get drops in my eye, but I needed them. My eye was burning. I honestly felt like I shouldn't have gone thru with the surgery because of all the pain I was going through. I couldn't sleep and still can't. I wake up in the middle of the night to take care of my eye. A lot of the swelling has went down, and my eye doesn't hurt as much as it use to. I know I did this surgery for my eye and I can't wait to it heals and opens again without the pain,I hope soon. I also hope this is my last and final surgery.

Your new pictures look great, Veronica. I hope this is your last surgery, too!