How do you say "thank you"?

I was training a class last week in Chicago (the client shall remain nameless). One of the topics we were discussing was how the particpants could establish better relationships with their vendors by thanking the vendor. They were flumoxed! I had to really stop and get them to understand, literally, how to say, “thank you”.

I guess because I no longer take my life for granted, and I truly value everyone around me (almost), its not that hard to say. But for some it is. Why is that?

I asked a couple of friends and, it seems as if the consensus was that most people just don’t think its necessary today. They assume that people know they are grateful, they think its a waste of time, or that it can sound insincere. (I’m thinking it only sounds insincere if it is, right?)

Anyway- I think everyone deserves a thank you: your waiter, your flight attendant, your spouse, your mailman, the person who holds the door for you when you have your hands full, your doctor and your pain in the #$%@ friend who cries on your shoulder one more time.

Say it. Mean it. Reap the rewards!

its only polite to say 'Thank You’
it gets right up my nose when people don’t thank you i just think HOW RUDE!

Thank You :slight_smile:

I think people who don’t say thank you struggle with self esteem. I think it makes you slightly vunerable to thank someone and people feel more powerful when they don’t say it. I worked with a girl who NEVER would say thank you EVER. It was quite strange and very upsetting sometimes. I’m a huge thank you person and my kids are too… actually my son is ridiculous with his thank yous. He thanks me after every meal I make! :slight_smile:

I’m a big thank you person as well. And I tried to think about whether I always was…but I don’t know. I am not sure if it is a reflection of me having this AVM and being thankful for everything I do have, although I’m certain that it plays a part.
The time that I always notice if people say thank you, is when we are out to dinner and the bus boy comes by to refill the water. I don’t know why that is the thing that stands out for me, but I have noticed that many people DON’T say it, and just continue with whatever conversation they are having. It upsets me…and I know it is a small thing to say thank you for and that those people probably say it for more “meaningful” things. But I still think it is important to say for the small things too…
And I think Joy has a good theory that people who are low on self esteem are less likely to say it. Confidence, or lack thereof…

Thanks for posting Brian! I bet there will be a few more “thank you’s” given in the next few days simply from reading this :slight_smile:

I try and make sure I say “Thank you” all the tiime and if I don’t my grandson reminds me to say it. Nice words can really make a persons day.

Thank you Brian

Brian, Thank You-for being you…