How do you know

How do you know if you r getting a bleed i have not got a clue i get very bad migtains and sometimes think that my avm will start to bleed any clues???

i never had a bleed but the doctor told me you would definatly know if it bleeds it will be the worst headache you ever have, you would be able to tell the defference between the headache of a bleed and that of what you would normally experience…but like i said… that’s what the doctor told me

Hi John, my AVM bled out last year and it was the most excruciating pain I have ever been in. Trust me, you’l know if your AVM is bleeding.

I felt like I should elaborate a bit on my previous message. Apart from the pain, there’s the seizure, slurring of speech, the throwing up and (embarassingly) incontinence, the non-responsiveness and the weakness in one side of your body. That all happened to me and any one of these symptoms can happen to everyone who has a bleed. If you need more information you can check out:

Hi All i had migrain on thursday god pain unbilivable sick run to the bathroom (other end) could not get to sleep still got after-efects i think you’s r saying is like you lose part of your abilities like speeck and other things can you warn somone if you feel it coming on like im in one room wife next door could i bang on wall to get attention…:+)

I agree with Hannah…every time that I have had a bleed I have had the seizures, slurring of speech and throwing up. There have been other times when I thought I may have had a bleed but did not have those 3 common things that I have had the 3 times a bleed was confirmed. I hope I have helped you some…a bad headache does not alone mean you have had a bleed…for me it was a combination of things…but for other I am SURE it is possible.

Yeah John Hannah’s got the symptons right, I’ve broke ribs, foot arm, hand went through 44 hours of labour but nothing absolutley nothing compares to this pain and now i know where the term ‘violently sick’ comes from!
You be able to shout for your wife after the bleed or she will hear you, don’t worry about a bleed you’ve enough to worry about with migrains and everything else you deal with babe x

When I was 21 I had what I now know was a bleed; at the time the doctors treated me for a migrain. I first felt sick ,when I bent over it felt like someone hit me in the back of the head with a mall hammer.The last time wasn’t like that, I had a headache for a few days ,some eye twitching;about a few days later I had a seizure because my med level was to low ,they did a MRI and saw a small bleed. My point is I don’t think you always know, unless it"s a big one ,then tou will know it was.

Hello John. I hope by now you have discussed the “bleed” issue with your physician(s). We are all so unique and “bleeds” are as well. People can have “small” bleeds that cause no symptoms and are not found until years later. No neurological impairment or physical symptoms. Pain from a “big” bleed is usually quite horrific and will cause problems (if not incapacitate) with abilities to move your body at will, speak, see and think properly,. A “bad” migraine can affect some people the same way. . .
I believe if YOU think you may have had-or-might be about to have a bleed you should go to nearest medical facility and request an mri to rule it out. Symptomology is all we have to go on. Always listen to your “gut” as no one knows what or how you “feel” but you. Please take care of you.