How are you now?

I am just curious as to how you are doing now? Are you leading a normal life now that it's been a long time?

Yes I am leading a nice normal life now. Just love my church and all the loving friends I have there. Went up into the mountains yesterday and meet several that were camping and we all shared a really good lunch. Took my dog with me and he had a good time too!!!
Yes, life is very interesting. M

I am doing really well. I live a very normal life. I enjoy my job at the rehab center 3 days a week. I offer love, goodies and moral support to our patients.
I have a wonderful and very supportive family. I have 4 great kids and a husband to watch over me if I should happen to have any problems, which I don't. I take care of my husband who had several TIA's back in 2010. He took care of me when I had my bleed and now it's my turn to watch over him.
I love being on support sites so I can be here for people that need someone to talk to or vent to. I want to help anyone who may need anything.
I still have memory issues and a little deficits, but nothing that interferes with my beautiful God loving life.

Yes I am leading a nice and normal life. I am active and thinking about volunteering my time.

I'm doing well with my new normal. Although I bled in 1975 my AVM wasn't properly diagnosed until 2011. I became symptomatic. So after my bleed I went on as if everything was hunky-dory not realizing I had a time bomb in my brain. I thank God I am alive because I abused my body and brain for a large part of those 35 years, putting myself at risk without knowing it. I have various symptoms which come and go. I know my limits and still overrun them occasionally (like recently with my garden harvest). I put a much higher value on my relationships, take more time to enjoy the everyday and mundane and have grown in my spiritual life. I cherish each day as never before.