Houston get togethers

hello AVMers, I am joe cardona, I had a 4.5 cm AVM in right temp lobe my strategy was to do embolization on it to shrink size for radios tactic surgery well on the 3rd embo I had a bleed, lucky for me the doc doing the embo was a darn good brain surgeon and performed emergency Cranny he coiled an aneurism and clipped another I lost 8 liters of blood caused a stroke but I did live to tell about it. At the time was living in Calgary Alberta Canada, and have since moved back to Houston Texas

Are there any recent get together in the Houston area I would love to attend. All the post I see at this time are of past get togethers.

I see one listed on Mary 24 in the events section on the bottom right of this page, Joe.

Hey Joe, there’s one coming soon (May 24th) in Spring, TX. Check out the bottom right side of the page. Enjoy it for me - I used to live in Texas and it never really leaves you ;).

Hi Joe, say hi to Houston for me too! It's been awhile since I've been (my sister in-law, niece, Mom in-law are there). Hope you enjoy it.