Hospital in AZ

Does anyone know the name of the hospital in AZ that specializes in treatment of AVMs? Is it the Mayo? I have been to UT Southwest on Dallas, but I would like another opinion.
Than you,

You may be interested in The Barrow Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. The website is . It’s always good to get a second opinion. Please keep us in the loop, Lisa. :slight_smile:

Yes Barrow neurological at St. Joseph’s hospital. Dr. Spetzler did my surgery he is a world renowned brain surgeon. So he’s definitely the best of the best. Please let us know. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them.

The Barrow has an excellent second opinion program. It was relatively affordable and they gave me a response within 72 hours. I would recommend noting that you want an opinion specifically from Dr. Spetzler. Good luck!

when I called they gave me 2 names, Dr. Nakaji and Dr. McDougall. No Spetzler. I haven't called them back yet.

I know that he wasn’t going to be there after the 19th of this month. But if you call barrows specifically ask for dr. Spetzlers office and you will be connected to his medical secretary.

In Dallas, I’m curious did you see Dr. Henry Batjer? I plan to see him as soon as my husband and I get moved back to DFW.

Yes. He and his assistant were informative. Just very to the point but took the time to listen and answer the questions based on medical terms. Suggested what I needed to do. I was hoping they would be able to relate some of my symptoms to the AVM, but they could not. But he is one of the best and he is involved in ongoing studies of AVM,s so he will be current on any new procedures. I am most likely going back there to do my gamma, just waiting on a call back. Good luck to you!