Hoping for some prayers please

I’ve never asked this before from anyone but I have had an embolisation that was 100% obliterated and I’m going for a follow up angiogram tomorrow (14 hours from now) as my symptoms have returned with 24/7 headaches and eyes fell like popping out of the sockets

I’m praying that they find nothing serious and that my head and eye aches are something less serious but if they do find anything with angiogram that it’s simple and safe to fix… and that my angiogram goes safely and successfully

Big ask I know :slight_smile:

But if you feel like saying a prayer for me, I would appreciate it a lot

Thank you :slight_smile:



I’ve said this a couple of times now: when I was in a similar situation, I was hoping for something nice and simple, too. In my case, I just needed to be more patient and everything went away within 18 months with no further intervention. So maybe that’s a possibility but otherwise, I am completely with you: something little to sort out was my wish, too.

Sending you my love and very best wishes.



Brother, I wish you nothing but the best - and, I pray for us all

Only thing I have personally found helpful when this all began - I just let go. I/we don’t have control - that’s one thing I now know

I truly hope & pray for you to do well


Thanks people:)

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Dear God,

When I think about how many things can go wrong with an AVM and I think of how many of us there are, and that leads me to think, “)F)HFY7df067”. God must be really busy dealing with needs in Australia and England and Canada and South Africa and, and … How can he even find time to deal with one more problem.

But God, you do. And we know that you do. So, we are grateful but also scared. Scared that we won’t like the process, but also scared that you won’t fix it the way we want it fixed.

I know, I know, I know, the way we want it fixed isn’t necessarily the way it needs to be, but God, this stupid AVM thing has already caused so much pain and difficulty, I really want something different. How about some good news?

How about something that make it easier for me to give gratitude back to you? Can you please give me something that I can share with others and talk about how good God has been to me?

I “know” you are good. I know you provide healing. I know that healing might happen here and it might happen {up there) with you. Give me and my family a sense of calm and a sense that you are ready to meet our needs here and now OR give us the peace to wait until such time where you do feel us ready to deal with whatever you have in store.

God, AC and I, we both trust you. Help it be easily seen that you are moving in and through all of it. Help AC’s faith to stay strong.and help others to be blessed by a witness of faith in you.

We know you’ve “got this.” We ask for patience as we wait to see what the answer is and how we will be able to witness our faith in you to others.

God, we know and trust you in all things. This is one of the hard things and so we ask for an extra measure of strength.




Thanks TJ very nice :slight_smile:


Got you covered, Curious. Prayers for wisdom and knowledge for your surgeons and staff to address your current issues. Prayers your pain is a quick fix and all goes smoothly today. Best, GK


Thanks people. Appreciated

It did go very well and I’ll post about it once i feel bit better:)


Hey there @AlwaysCurious! I’m so glad you’ve taken the courage to make your struggles known and I’m so glad you’ve asked for help! Father, I know you know AlwaysCurious. I know you formed them in their inmost parts including the AVM. I know that You have plans to utilize this situation for their good and Your glory. I pray in the midst of this confusing and terrifying time that Your peace, the peace from above that only the Father can give, would be evident. I pray You would show Yourself faithful once again and use this time to give peace to AlwaysCurious and a story of your faithfulness to them for Your Namesake. In the wonderful name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


Done! Keep up the good fight!:muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


Sending prayers and lots of hugs, I believe in you! :sparkles:


I am sending you prayers and will keep you in my prayers until you tell us all is well with you.


Will do!!! :pray:t5::heart:


Went well overall people! Thanks everyone. I feel shocking still but the avm is done and angio looked great. :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone


Here is another prayer sent your way. You can never get to many prayers because each one increases the strength of the last one! Always in my prayers.

Sharon D…


Praying for you brother

Sometimes I feel a little fuzzy light headed
I had three embolizations

but honestly I feel almost normal, 95% of the time it’s fine


Still sending prayers for recovery and glad you got good news… God bless!


Praying for you my brother

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Sending prayers for you right now sweetheart x

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I haven’t been on in a little while, but I am so happy the power of prayer and good doctors helped you.

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