Hoping for some hope

that my body can still be back to working again . It’ll be two years In July since my stoke and avm rupture. Many people say two years is too long for everything to return and if my left paralyzed side hasn’t woken up yet then it most likely will not in the future. I’m hoping after surgery, It’ll wake up or if anyone can tell me from experience that there’s still hope, please share :slight_smile: I miss being able to fully function on my left side :frowning:

Monica - Have you spoken to Dr. Lawton about how you are feeling? He could probably give you the best insight into recovery from a stroke (brought on by the AVM) and what the surgery will do for you too. There is always hope Monica, so please never stop believing in your body improving. hugs!

Hi Debra! He just says what the other doctors have told me and that’s: it won’t come back because it’s been too long already. Im hoping to hear From a survivors standpoint since all doctors I’ve gone to have been saying the same thing :frowning: * hugs *


It used to be assumed that the function you had at the one year point was as good as it would get; however there are several cases (some discussed in Norman Doidge's books) where people regained function several years later, some up to 10 years after the initial loss of function, completely unexpectedly.

I recommend Norman Doidge's books, "The Brain That Changes Itself" and "The Brain's Way of Healing". Neuroplasticity is something that doctors still cannot accurately predict, but we know that the brain can rewire itself to adapt to damage that's been done, given enough time and work.

Don't give up hope, keep working at it!