Hopes for an Active Future With My Husband and Daughter!


My name is Rudie, I am 29...husband's name is Angelo and is 35. We have been married for 3 years and have an ACTIVE 2 year old daughter...her name is Macie! August 13, 2014 my daughter was screaming hysterically, I ran into the bedroom she and her dad was in to find him having a seizure( first seizure in his life ). Paramedics got him to the hospital, doctor ran test to find out he was bleeding on the brain and was born with this condition. Long story short, Aug. 21st was the 5 hour long surgery. Top, left part of brain that controls our limbs(forgive me for not knowing the exact size and terminology for the section of his brain). He came out of surgery and was not able to move the right side of his body (left part of brain controls right side). Well it has been almost a month and he is now walking with a 4 prong cane. I an tell there are still areas (upper arm, toes) that are not fully functioning. Has anyone here experienced this side affect from AVM surgery? How long did it take for you to recover? Just speaking with someone who has will give me more hope! I am encouraging him every step of the way and do believe GOD is the ultimate healer and this too shall pass!

Thank you in advance for your encouragement!

Every AVM is different so every recovery time is different. Too many factors are involved…size…location of the AVM etc. The brain can heal but is does so SLOWLY! One month out from a bleed is nothing…although I know it seems like an eternity to you! I believe the 4Ps…Positivity, Persistence, Prayers, and most importantly PERSISTENCE!

Rudie, is your husband receiving physical therapy? That should aid his recovery.

Even if progress is "fast", you are generally speaking months and years, not weeks and days.